Strength Therapy


Featured Products

Thera-band Latex-Free Professional Resistance Bands

  • Matched pull forces to Thera-Band Latex
  • Scent– and powder-free
  • Ideal for facilities and hospitals with a no-latex policy
  • 4” wide bands
  • 25-yd. rolls
  • Latex-free

    Body Sport Resistance Tubes

  • Natural rubber tubing provides a smooth, consistent stretch
  • Durable tubing measures 4’ long
  • Feature cushioned, foam handles for a comfortable grip
  • Contain latex

  • Cando Fixed Resistence Grips

  • Resistence sequence on ergonomic grips covers any needs from earliest stages of rehabilitation after stroke (yellow) to advanced athletic training (black)

  • Cando Digi-Extend Finger Exerciser

  • Unique therapy device that can isolate the extension of all five fingers and each of the individual finger joints
  • Thera-Band Hand Exercisers


  • Help strenthen grip, increase dexterity and improve mobility